Free Practical Basketball Drills for 5 to 6 Year Old Kids

For any child looking to learn the game of basketball, it helps to start early. Parents looking to help their child become a more accomplished player should turn to these following basketball drills for 5 to 6 year old children. With the help of this set, you can make sure that your kids are learning the right moves and techniques from a young age, from the correct technical standpoint.

Before long, you’ll notice a large improvement in their overall comprehension as players. Down below you can find our fun basketball drills for beginners.

Drill 1 – V-Cuts

The best drill that you can begin with for a kid is to manage four-line jump stops, and V-cuts. Organize the teams into four lines on the baseline, and on the whistle the first player in each line runs, before coming to a stop at the free-throw line. On the next whistle, the first group of four will run to the half-court line, and sop, whilst the other group of other run to the free-throw line and stop imbalance.

Next, the first group goes to the opposite free-throw line, and the second group to the half-court line, the third group to the free-throw line.

This goes on up and down the court, until all groups have successfully performed jump stops down and back again. This gets kids used to running in the V-pattern needed to maximize basketball performance. It’s a simple drill but a vital one for all kids who wish to learn basketball.

Drill 2 – Cross-Legged Shooting

Cross-Legged shooting can also be done against a wall

Another good idea for basketball drills for 5 to 6 year old children is the form shooting program have players sit cross-legged on the floor in pairs, facing each other. Give one ball per pair. Show players how to properly hold the ball before shooting (shooting hand under the ball, guide hand to the side).

On command the kid with the ball will release it to his partner, releasing it from above the eyes and snapping the wrist down in a goose-neck formation as they shoot. This adds velocity and power.

Drill 3 – Dribbling Effectively

All good basketball players need to be effective with both left and right hands. Even at basketball for 5 year old kids, it’s important to take this into account. Make sure that each player has a basketball or one for every two kids, and ask the players to begin the drill by dribbling right handed. On command, they must switch to left handed dribbling.

Kids get used to alternating, just dribbling stationary. It’s useful to help them get used to dribbling with the pad of their fingers, not the palm of the hand make sure they keep the elbows in close to the hip, and not away from the body.

Drill 4 – Freeze Tagging

A good drill to take part in for kids is freeze tagging using jump stops. Have one player as “it” and the player then chases the other kids around court. When touched by “it” the other players must stop in a frozen position. The coach unfreezes when the child who is frozen has the correct ready positioning.

Make sure you rotate every 1-2 minutes who “it” is so that everyone gets practice on both sides.

Drill 5 – Defensive Sliding

A major element of the play for basketball at youth level comes from making sure they get defending. All players will set up in a scattered formation, around the coach. On the coach’s command, the kids will move into defensive slide to the right and left, ensuring hands are above the waist and knees are bent.

Make sure that player’s feet stay away from one another when sliding – players should use a step and push maneuver.

Teaching Basketball Drills to Kids

These skills are very important for helping to make sure that anyone trying to show basketball drills for 5 to 6 year old players is learning the right tricks. Its’ vital that for a young player to be shown the proper technique from a young age, so they can master the elements of the sport much quicker.

When it comes to handling basketball drills for kids under 6 – try and use the above to make sure they are getting the best level of training they can.

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