10 Basketball Drills That Will Improve Your Footwork

In the game of basketball, speed and agility is crucial to improving footwork skills and stamina. The footwork drills included in this article are time-tested basic techniques that are used in basketball and other applicable sports. Learning the basic techniques in proper footwork will enhance the player’s skills and ability to play offensive, defensive, and any other part of the game. These drills will help the player improve their speed and deceleration capabilities that is required in basketball. Remember to do some warm up before executing these drills.

Here are 10 of the best basketball footwork drills that will improve your footwork.

Offensive Footwork Drills


Most people assume that just because we know how to run, it doesn’t mean we know how to sprint. Many of the top athletes are constantly working on their technique. Sprinting is one of the important basketball footwork drill to help improve offensive skills. Start by sprinting towards the extended or the opposite free-throw line. Continue towards the opposite baseline as you change pace. Sprint back in the same manner. Continue for 3 minutes then rest for 1 minute and repeat.

Don’t limit your sprinting drills to the court. You can find a hill with a suitable surface and sprint up and down, with a 30 second resting period.

Change of Direction

From baseline to baseline, run as you change direction. Start in an offensive stance with your left foot on the intersection of the baseline. Run in a diagonal movement towards the lane line on your right side with a 45-degree angle. Make a quick 90-degree change of direction move from the right to left and diagonally run towards the extended imaginary lane line on your left. Repeat from left to right. Continue on the opposite baseline and return.

One-Foot Running Jump Drill

The one-foot running jump is combined with the sprinting drill, balance maintenance, and pivoting. This includes all the transition movies you will ever need during a game.

Moving quickly with balance is the key.

Start under the basket at the baseline and sprint towards the foul line touching the either with either hand. Lower your body as you approach the line to prevent your center from getting off balance. Quickly pivot and spring back to the basket and jump as high as you can, touching the backboard or net. Repeat on each side.

Two-Leg Jump Rope

One of the best basketball footwork drills is the two-leg jump rope. It is a great conditioning drill that will help build foot speed and endurance. Starting slowly, begin rope sprint for 20-25 consecutive jumps. Pause and rest for 20 seconds. Repeat this process in 5 set sequences with 25 jump sets each. Rest for 1 minute after you complete each set and follow with a cool down for 3 minutes.

Jumping Line Drill

Practice jumping in all directions to gain improvement in jumping skills. Begin by standing sideways on any line on the court. With your feet together, balance your weight as you stand on the balls of your feet and jump from side to side. Use your arms for balance. Jump over the line and continue for three sets. Each set should last about 30 seconds and rest for 60 seconds.  Repeat this drill 3 times.

Defensive Footwork Drills

Defensive Attack-and-Retreat

With a quick drop-step, move the other foot back and move back towards the baseline using the attack-and-retreat steps until your left foot reaches the baseline. Change up your attack and retreat routine as you move down the court, returning in the same manner. Remember to stay on a fake spin or spin move and attack with a crossover. This is an effective drill that will help improve a player ball handling, especially in short angles and a change in pace.


Using the defensive attack-and-repeat steps, move backwards until your back foot reaches the half-court line. Picture a dribbler beating your lead foot. You must recover by using a reverse-run-and-turn move. Reverse to your lead foot, keeping your eyes on the dribbler. Run three steps before you move to your defensive position.

From the half-court line to the baseline, make 2 reverse run-and-turn moves starting with your left foot forward. From the opposite baseline to the half-court line, make another two more reverse run-and-turns starting with your lead foot forward and return.

Triangle Slide

If you want to improve all 3 areas of defensive movements, the triangle slide is one of the footwork drills that will help you work to improve balance and perfect quick drop steps. Begin at the center count in a defense stance. Have one hand in the passing lane and the other in the shooter’s face. Slide laterally towards side court line then quickly slide towards the net. Repeat this drill 3 times with 1 minute breaks in between.

Always begin the next repetition at a different side so you are using your lateral slide, retreat and closeout movement in all areas.

Mirror Drill

Improve on your running, sliding, attacking and performance steps with the mirror drill. This drill allows you to work on ball fakes and quick foot fire. Begin this drill in the center of the court in proper defense stance. If you have a partner, mirror each other by taking turns. If you’re alone, simply use your imagination on defense.

Start with a quick foot fire or stutter step, then slide in all directions, attack, retreat and close out. Be sure to keep your feet moving and not cross when sliding at angles.

Tube Slide

If you want to improve conditioning and increase speed and strength, this is one of the best basketball footwork drills. The tube slide drill will help you stay low in the proper defensive stance. Use a resistance band and tie the ends together to form a circle. Place the tube above your ankles, shoulder-width apart.

Begin on the foul line in a proper defensive position. Slide towards the opposite side, keeping the tube tight as you slide across the lane. Concentrate on keeping the tube tight as you return to the opposite side. Continue this drill for 10 minutes to help build strength and conditioning.

Enhance Footwork Skills

In conclusion, mastering these 10 basketball footwork drills every day in practice and training workouts will help enhance proper skill development and conditioning. Practicing footwork isn’t easy as it taking a lot of time, effort and hard work. Following these 10 footwork drills will help improve the player’s game in building conditioning strength and footwork skills.

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