Epic Basketball Warm Up Songs That Will Get You Pumped Up

If you are looking for the best basketball warm up songs, then you should definitely listen to our list. Everyone knows that music plays a big role in the basketball world. You want to be pumped up before hitting the court. Every time before I play basketball, I would listen to music that makes my heart beats faster. I would instantly become more focused and energized. It reminded me of my goal in basketball. It gives me more motivation to push even harder.

Many studies have proven that music can have a positive effect while playing basketball. Music has become much more than just “background music for fun”. Fast music appears to lead to a better workout which makes players run faster and have more endurance.

When you listen to music, waves goes through your ears and turns into pulses/vibrations. These will eventually enter the brain by traveling in the nerves. The brain will be influenced by these pulses, which then reacts to movement of the player’s body.

Let me know what your favorite playlist is in the comments that makes you pumped up before playing a game.


Playlist 1


Playlist 2


Playlist 3


Playlist 4


Playlist 5


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