7 Easy Basketball Dribbling Drills for Beginners

Dribbling is an essential and vital part of basketball, players should absolutely know it. Like passing, dribbling is one way of moving the ball around the court. In order to keep the ball in your possession, the ball handler should dribble the ball and pass it around. When you have mastered ball handling, you will be a step ahead of other basketball players. The key is to be good with both hands, yes even with your weak hand. Here are some basketball dribbling drills for beginners.

Retreat Dribble

This type of dribble is also known as the push-pull dribble. This is done by dribbling the ball at a moderate height forward and back in a rocking movement. Dribble the ball using your right hand, make a stance with your left foot in front while the right foot at the back and your knees bent. In order to dribble the ball back and front, you need to place your hand on top and towards the front of the ball, and then push the ball to the back.

Crossover Dribble

Another great dribble for beginners is done by standing with your feet apart, bend slightly at the knees and waist. Dribble the ball just below the weight height in front of you. To execute the crossover dribble, bounce the ball from one hand to the other in a V pattern. Have your other hand ready to catch the ball and keep your head up. This is one of the ball handling drill for beginners that you must master. Crossover dribbles are used when facing a defender, this dribble can take you from one direction to another.

Control Dribble

This kind of dribble is the most efficient and most effective way to move the ball around. Dribble the ball not higher than your knee level. Protect the ball with your body and non dribbling hand. Try to dribble the ball with your fingertip without looking at it. 

Keep your eyes on the rim.

When changing dribble between hands like crossover, behind the back or between the legs anticipate where the ball will bounce off the floor and bring the hand low that will catch the ball so you can get hold of it. Absorb the energy of the dribble by holding it back to the starting position.

Figure 8 Pattern Dribble

Dribble around forming a figure 8 pattern through legs. Stand with feet apart. Begin dribbling the ball using your right hand in front and then through your legs, switch with your left hand and then dribble from the back, around your left side to the front and then back through your legs. Then use your right hand behind the body and around the right side. Dribble as low as possible and move fast without losing control of the ball. Rise the speed when you become better in this dribble drill.

Between the Legs Dribble

Dribble with your one knee kneeling at 90 degrees and the other foot out in front of you. With your outstretched leg dribble the ball underneath back and forth as fast as possible. Focus on keeping your dribble low and fast. This is also a great technique to use that allows you to change directions.

Speed Dribble

beginner ball handlerThis dribble is used to advance the ball quickly up the floor, against no or less defensive pressure. The hand of the player is positioned behind the ball thrusting it in front, then run to catch up. By dribbling this way you will not
commit carrying over or palming violation. The speed dribble on the open floor can be a bit higher than other dribbles. The speed dribble can be pushed forward at waist height. This dribble is great when there are no guards around you.

Behind the Back Dribble

Stand straight up with your feet slightly less than shoulder apart. Then dribble the ball behind your back, then back and forth between your right and left hand. The ball should be bouncing behind your feet each time. Keep your head up and your eyes on the rim. Eventually you’ll also have the V pattern with this while standing in one spot.

Ball Handling as a Beginner

In order for you to advance to the higher level, you need to learn to dribble the ball using both your strong and weak hands. If you only know how to dribble using only your strong hand, your opponent can overplay to that side and you can become ineffective. Basketball dribbling drills for beginners, although somewhat similar to ball handling drills, it focuses more on change of direction that will keep you away from your defender. Work on the basics and keep practicing.

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