Easy to Follow Individual Basketball Shooting Drills

The shooting skill of Ray Allen is not achieved overnight. If you want to be like him, you need to practice to develop your shooting skills. It is also important that you boost your confidence in every shot you take and build muscle memory.  Make sure that you practice the right way and spend hours of perfecting it. If you are doing these drills to improve your skills in shooting, it is best that you do the same thing on every shot you take. These individual basketball shooting drills can help you become the next Ray Allen.

Full Speed Shooting

This drill is designed for guards and small forwards to improve their shooting skills in transition. Full speed shooting teaches you to shoot while running and have a need to stop-and-pop. It teaches you how to get the needed energy to shoot when you are starting to get tired. Run at full speed from half-court to inside the arch to shoot. After taking the shot, backpedal to half court and repeat the drill. You can combine stop and pop or one dribble pull up, but you should take 20 shots before you stop.

Moves on the Move Shooting Drill

This shooting drill is designed to help you work on your moves in transition before the defense is set. If you can master the moves, you will get some easy basket, and get fouled and get points in the free throw line. You need to practice your moves in the half court before making your moves forward towards the basket. 

It comes down to consistency. If you want to be a great shooter, you have to shoot the same way every time.

Ray Allen

Two Minute Magic Basketball Shooting Drill

This shooting drill will help you work on your catch and shoot and add some pressure on the shooter. In this drill, you need to make three shots in a row to move on to the next spot. This will add pressure in every shot and will help the player to shoot under pressure. To make this drill even more effective, the player needs to shoot at game speed. You need to complete the move before getting the shot.

Muscle Memory Shooting

This drill is done starting with one-handed shots. Start as close as possible and slowly move out. Maintain a rhythm as the ball drops in the hoop and go to the same movement again. Ball to your fingers and off your fingertips is one of the purest movements in basketball. Some players have other ways of displaying it. Players have perfected their shooting motion because of muscle memory drill.

10 Spot Shooting Drill

This shooting drill will help you improve your shooting skills. This technique also improve some of your subtleties that differentiate good players from bad players. This shooting drill focuses on high shot repetition, effective ball handling, and intensive pivot work. Pick ten spots on the floor that you feel you will shoot from during the games. Pick 5 spot on one side of the basket and 5 on the opposite side of the basket. It is vital that you work on both sides of the basket.

Start shooting under the basket and then toss the ball, chase and catch the ball then shoot the ball. Then go to the next spot and so on and so on. After completing the 10th shot, go to the foul line and then make 5 foul shots. You can repeat this individual shooting drill 3 to 5 times.

One Person Shooting Drills

Keep in mind not all individual basketball shooting drills are created to add new moves to your game. If you master what you have learned in the shooting drills, you will become a better player than you were before. Learning how to shoot even in front of your defender is a great weapon to have. This will force your opponent to make a decision. Remember practice makes perfect, but makes sure you are practicing the right moves.

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