Essential Left Hand Basketball Drills That Will Make You Better

Most basketball players often use their right hand as their “dominant hand”. While using your best hand to shoot and dribble, it is also essential to improve your weak hand. Many players don’t realize that not using your left hand will only keep you at half capacity. This will prevent you from playing the best you can. In this article, we will explain how to train your weak hand by using these left hand basketball drills.

Zig-zag Speed Dribble

To do this left hand dribbling drill, start under one basket and dribble with your weak hand towards the sideline. Once you reach the sideline, move the opposite direction at a 45-degree angle. Continue until you reach the middle of the court, and then change direction to follow through another move. Repeat until you reach the opposite end of the court, finishing with a layup.


To be a great player, you can’t have a weak hand.

To start improving your left hand, you will need to practice moving on the opposite side of the basket. Learn to get out of your comfort zone by running to the basket on the left side. Practice shooting layups by using your weak hand. Focus on jumping off on the opposite foot as you do with a right-hand layup. Practice driving hard towards the basket and jump off the right foot. Some players often have a hard time getting used to this, but it will help you strengthen your weak hand.

Dribble Sprints

Another great left hand basketball drill is the dribble sprint. It is one thing to dribble with your left hand, but it’s entirely different to dribble while on an aggressive sprint. Begin at one baseline as you sprint to the other side while you dribble with your weak hand. Practice this drill until it feels just as natural as the right hand.

Ball Roll

Using two basketballs with one on each hand, bend the knees and crouch down in an athletic stance. Start at one of the baselines as you dribble the ball with your left hand. With your right hand, place the ball on the court and gently roll it as you move. When it comes to improving your weak hand, this is one of the best left hand dribbling drill.

Tennis Ball Juggle

Place a tennis ball in your right hand, holding a basketball with your left hand. Begin walking as you dribble the ball, tossing the tennis ball. This is a great left hand basketball drill because it will force you to stay low. Not only will this drill help improve your left hand, it will also help you when handling the ball.

Improving your weak hand

The best way to improve your weak hand is to work on these top five left hand basketball drills. Spend at least 5-20 minutes during every practice. This should include layups, dribble, and jump shots. Shooting with your weak hand will feel strange at first, but it will help your dexterity and improve your finishing. Learning how to train your left hand will come in handy when you’re able to make short bank shots.

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