5 Simple But Effective Basketball Shooting Drills for One Person

In shooting, a basketball player should learn to focus on a specific target like the backboard or rim. The center of the rim should be your target in every shot. But, if you are aiming at 30 to 60 degrees angle from the hoop, you should be able to focus in the corner of the square on the backboard to assure a shot. If you have the perfect angle, you can use the backboard to help the ball go straight into the basket. The following individual basketball shooting drills can help you improve your game. You can do these basketball drills all by yourself.

Set Shots Shooting Drill

In the set shot, the first thing you need to do is to square up to the basket. With your foot on the shooting hand side positioned in front of your other foot. This will serve as your base of support. Place the ball on the fingers pads of each hand with your shooting hand slightly underneath the ball. Use your other hand to balance the ball on the side. Bend your knees to get the momentum. To shoot, use your legs not the arms for power. Slowly bend your shooting arm, elbow at 90 degrees.  Keep the forearm perpendicular to the floor and make the shot. Extend your elbow as you release the ball for the shot. Repeat the set shooting again and again until you get the right pulse and memorize it.

Jump Shots Shooting

This is somewhat similar to the set shot except that you need to jump first to release the shot. Position the shooting hand behind the ball. With your elbow in line with the hoop and your non-shooting hand positioned on the side of the ball. To take the shot, you should jump straight up off both feet and take the shot before you reach the peak of your jump. The height of your jump will depend on the range of the shot. If the shot is taken close to the basket you need to jump higher. For longer range shot, you don’t have to jump high. Its a great drill to do alone.

Pick the ball up with your shooting hand.

Free Throws Shooting Drill

The mechanics for free throws are the same with the set shot. The only difference is that you need a great deal of concentration. You take the shot from the free throw line. Your success in free-throw shooting depends on your ability to be relaxed and confidence to take the shots. During your shooting drill, you need to establish a consistent rhythm. Make a routine to help you achieve the confidence and relaxation needed to master the free throw. A sample of a routine is to dribble before making a shot. Breathe deeply and exhaling fully and relaxing your shoulders, fingers, arms, and hands.

Layups Shooting Drill

A layup is a shot taken with your hand farthest from the basket to protect the ball from the defenders. Use your left hand in making the layups from the left side of the basket. Use your right hand if you are shooting from the right. To perform the layup, you start by striding from 45 to 60 degrees angle to the basket. Position your foot opposite your shooting hand. Once in position jump into the air then release the ball right straight to the basket. For new players, they might have a hard time perfecting the shot, especially the right-handed players. Repeat the drill several times until you finally get the grip.

Shooting off the Dribble

This shot is simply taking a shot after dribbling as you find a better shooting position. The dribble will also help you to get more power into the shot as compared to a shot taken directly from a pass. You need to achieve a balanced stance with your bended knees. You should get the ball while facing the basket to make a shot. As you dribble the ball you need to focus also on the hoop. Once you get the right position, release the ball after some dribble.

Shooting Drills for One Person

These basic individual basketball shooting drills can help you improve your game a lot. You probably have known these moves before but are you making the right moves and positioning? The secret of becoming a better basketball player is on your determination and eagerness to learn.

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