The Best Rebounding Drills for Youth Basketball

You’ll agree that one thing during a ‘normal’ basketball game is for sure: none of the players are able to score at the first attempt. That’s right; rebounding balls score more often than first attempts. So pay attention for some drills that will help you improve your rebounding skills.

Offensive Rebounding

For this drill you need at least two players (preferably more) and the coach. The players line up in one line on one side of the basket. The coach takes a shot and the first player moves fast into the right position to rebound the ball. After the player completed his rebound, he has to pass the ball back to the coach and will get in the back of the line. This will be repeated until all players have had a turn.

It’s important for the coach to take shots from different areas. In this way the players are prepared for the real game. To change the drill, you can add a defensive player or have the players perform the offensive rebounding footwork without a shot.

The Missing Shot

This drill is for practicing basic rebounding with the right technique. You’ll need four players, divided in two teams of two. The game starts with the coach taking a shot, missing it on purpose. The offensive team tries to rebound the ball and score, the defensive team also tries to rebound. If the offense scores or the defense gets the ball, the play is over. Each basket or rebound is worth one point. Switch offense and defense after five plays.

Defensive Rebounding

The goal of this drill is to learn how to block out against an offensive players. This move will be of great help during games, because the opponents will have less chance to rebound their own shots.

This drill starts by dividing the players into four groups.The first and second group have to take position at the baseline of the basket. The first player passes the ball to the player that faces him. After the second player takes a shot, he and the first player go for the rebound. The next two players act as defensive rebounders; they try to capture the ball. After the rebound is completed, the ball is returned to the line along the baseline where the drill at first started. All players position at the end of their line. Repeat this drill until every player has had a chance to try.

Three-on-Three Box-Out

This box-out exercise is perfect for training for the real game; it isn’t easy to rebound a ball when you’re squished between opponents and team-members. This drill prepares the players for those situations.

Choose four players to play offense and three to play defense. Divide two offensive players on both sides of the basket, about five feet from the lane. The third offensive player begins in the lane in front of the basket. The last offensive player begins at the middle of the three-point line with the ball. The defenders guard the three offensive players and the last offensive player tries to shoot. After that, all players try to grab the rebound and score.

These 4 basketball rebounding drills will help improve your rebounding skills. After a lot of training, you might be capable to score more and win the game!

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