Teaching Kids From 5 to 6 Years Old to Play Basketball

Teaching kids from 5 to 6 years old how to play basketball is not a hard task. You should teach them the basketballs that they can do alone or with the team.  There are some techniques in basketball that kids may want to learn but they cannot perform yet. Here are tips for coaches on how to teach basketball drills for 5 to 6 year old kids.

Warming Up Exercises

Warm-ups are important for exercises that involve your strength and muscles. The warming-up exercises will help prevent injuries. Also, it prepares your muscles for more strenuous activities. The warming-up takes around 10 to 15 minutes at the beginning of each practice. this should include conditioning and stretching. For kids, they can use the ball in the warm-up to help them develop skills like passing and dribbling. Let the kids start at one baseline.  Do their warm-up drills as they move from one baseline to the other and then back again. Stretching can be incorporated on the baseline as they wait for their turns.

The Basketball Drills

The basketball drills for kids under 6 should be an extension of your defense and offense. Create drills that will help kids to improve their offenses and defenses. The Trainer or coach should remember the whole-part-whole-theory method. This method involves showing and demonstrating the basketball skills.

Here are some important points a coach should consider during the preparation and executing the drills:

  • Give a name for each drill.
  • Each drill should be timed.
  • Create a portfolio of drills that applies to your system of play and ideas.
  • Ask yourself are these drills important? How often and how long do the kids do the drill? Are you getting the desired results?
  • Explain to the kids the importance of the drill. Some do not like drills, because they think of it as conditioning.
  • Build fun basketball drills for 6 year old to make it more exciting. During the drills the players are challenged to concentrate on performance.
  • As a coach you need to teach, motivate and discipline these kids.
  • Coaches should balance criticism with praise.
  • Include passing and cutting in your drill when teaching basketball to 6 year olds kids.
  • Add the drill at the right time during the practice period.
  • Introduce new drills when the kids concentration levels are still high.
  • In grouping, while doing the drills, each group should include 3 to 5 kids so it will be easier to check on them.

Cooling Down

After the strenuous drills, cool-down drills should be carried out. Stopping at once after the drills is not a good idea. Cool down drills will give the players a positive feeling about the practice and make them excited to work on the drills again. Some of the cool down drills may include free-throw shooting drills, stretching and shooting contests from different spots.

Final Words

Generally, kids love basketball, which makes teaching basketball drills for 5 to 6 year old kids an easy task. However, you might encounter some problems with these kids. But you can resolve them by building an easy to follow and fun basketball drills for kids.

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