Two on Two Basketball Drills: Boost Your Skills With Your Friends

After practicing on your own for some time, individual play can get quite boring and not very challenging… That is why you need a little variation to improve your skills and to keep enjoying the game.

So what do you need in order to achieve that?

Exactly, other basketball players to do some 2 on 2 drills!

Gather your friends (or total strangers) and try these two on two basketball drills. Maybe you’ll even make some new friends.

Cutting Off

This 2 on 2 basketball drill is for learning how to defend against screens. It’s not only practicable for a two on two drill, but can also be used in a 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 situation.

Where’s is the fun in a drill if you can’t win? Of course that applies for this drill as well.

The offense must use screens in setting up plays. If the defending team defends right at a screen (no advantage is gained), they get one point. If the offensive team gains an advantage on the screen, the defense loses one point. If the offense scores directly off the screen, the opposite team loses two points. A play ends after the screen is set (the offense shoots directly off the screen). From that point, the play is reset, and the offense begins again. After five plays, switch sides.

Is this drill too easy for your team? To make the game more difficult, require defenders to fight through or slide behind screens—no switching.

Too hard? To make the game easier, play 2 on 3, or allow defenders to call out “Switch!” and then switch players on screens.

Two on Two Box Out

This drill is for practicing rebound-skills.

Starting by placing an offensive player on each side of the lane and a defensive player on each side of the lane. Make sure the defensive players position on the side of the basket. The coach throws up the ball. The defensive players try to block out and the offensive players goes after the rebound. When the offense gets the rebound, they try to score. If they can’t get the ball, but the defensive team gets it, they pass the ball back to the coach and the drill starts again.

Help Defense Drill

To execute this drill, start by positioning one offensive and one defensive player on each side of the basket. The baseline offensive player will start the drill by driving towards the basket. The defender of the other team will come over and stop the drive. The player who has the ball must pass it to the other offensive player. He shoots and at the same time the defensive player will sprint out and challenge the shot. The game ends when the players box out and get the rebound. After that, switch teams.

This is one of the two on two basketball drills that helps improving defense skills.

Hustle Drill

Do you want to develop your hustle, speed and competitiveness? This exercise provides the skills to work on that.

Position two players in each corner on both sides of the basket. The first players on each sides form a team. The coach holds the ball in the middle of the court. He starts the drill by shouting go and dropping the ball on the ground. All players run for the ball. The team that gets the ball first play offense, the others play defense. The game continues until one of them scores.

You can rematch as many times as you like. If this is too easy, try playing with a weighted basketball.

Another option is to variate in the number of players.

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