Youth Basketball Passing Drills: The Basics

One of the effective ways to move the ball around the court is to pass it to another player. Passing the ball is the key to move into position and create a scoring opportunity. Passes should be done fast without too much thinking about it. Players at a young age don’t have the strength to do long passes. But teaching them to do simple passing will give them more confidence. To make a team more successful, passing should be something that everyone should master, as its one of the vital skill to have. Following are some youth basketball passing drills for beginners that can be done between players.

Chest pass

One of the most popular and common pass in basketball is the chest pass. Chest pass is the first passing technique that youth players should learn. To execute this pass, hold the ball with two hands near the center of your chest. The elbows are bent in this position, with the knees slightly apart. Keep your eyes focused on the player who is going to receive the ball. Step forward facing the target and release the ball rotating the wrist inward so that the receiver gets the ball at chest-level. Eventually the hands of the player are facing the target, palms facing out, with the thumbs pointing at the ground.

Bounce pass

When facing a guard that has his hands up, the bounce pass is the perfect counter. This passing drill is also great for small players who can be intercepted when doing an overhead pass. The way to do this drill is almost the same as the chest pass, except you should aim for the floor so that the ball bounces once when the ball gets to the receiver. The basketball should arrive at the waist or chest level of the player. This is a great passing drill for youth.

Overhead pass

Another great pass is the overhead pass, which is easy to execute, although tough to master for young players. This pass is an excellent choice when you are closely guarded and want to pass the ball over a defender. Just like the other passes, you need to have a balanced stance. Do not use this kind of pass when a player is taller than you as it’s easy for him to intercept the ball. To do this pass, hold the ball just above the head with your elbows in, step forward with one foot to use more power and release the ball facing the target with both hands. Keep your knees slightly bent as you execute the pass, use both hands. Remember not to hold the ball behind your head as other players can steal the ball from you.

Behind the back pass

As you can dribble behind your back, passing is also possible. Behind the back pass is great to have in your skill set. This pass can help players a lot in some of the unexpected situations. Before doing the pass, make sure to fake a pass first or look away. Using both hands, move the ball behind the back. Use your passing hand to release the ball with a spin. It’s great if players can do this with both hands, so let them practice with their weak hand as well.

Youth Basketball Passing

Remember to keep the game fun when doing these passing drills for youth. Start with the basics and lift up the difficulty from there. Let the players use these passing techniques in a real basketball game and they should see fast results to help them win a match.

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